Fight Fine Lines

The earlier you start protecting the skin around the eyes, the less laxity you will experience later on in life.

Fine lines and Crow´s feet 

While a large percentage of women in their 20s and early 30s won´t see the visible effects of aging around the eyes, damage is occurring  and may surface later. Free radicals are the worst offender, breaking down the integrity of the skin and causing a loss of collagen and elastin, which is why using a cream or serum with antioxidants is beneficial. If you don´t protect the skin around the eyes, there can be increased laxity, discoloration and pigmentation later on.


Fix it with Botox

Botox is the best for treating crow´s feet as it weakens the muscles that cause lines. Once the muscles are immobilized, it´s hard for lines to become etched into the skin

Fix it with Surgery

Excess of skin, under-eye bags and dark circles may necessitate surgical intervention, but it should be limited only to patients who really require the procedure.

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2 thoughts on “Fight Fine Lines

  1. What kind of surgery u think ill need im 35 im a smoker and i been having the worst under eye circle for more than 20 years i cant leave My House with out sunglases ever no matter wat time it is i am the only One in My family with it cant be a desese bcuz i been having it sinse 14, y.o. I tried everything with no luck every eye cream is so expensive and they dont do s*** I need the real thing…


    • Juan
      When the skin lightening creams don´t give good results, sometimes is necessary to use fillers or fat for a volumizing effect. Thin skin can cause dark circles to be more prevalent and adding a layer of volume on top of the darkness increases the distance between the surface of the skin and the underlying muscle, helping to camouflage the discoloration. The results with fat is more permanent and with fillers can last from 8 to 12 months.


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