Do you want a Dancer´s Body?

Long, lean and toned in all the right places, the dancer´s body is low in fat yet maintains the perfect amount of muscle definition because the small muscle groups are targeted.

A strong toned body is part of the dancer´s look and certain exercises need to be incorporated into your workout to build strength and long, lean muscle. Toning exercises that are designed to target specific body parts are the starting point. Yoga and pilates are two ways to really build up the core so you get the right amount of definition in the stomach.

Liposuction at Premium Care Plastic Surgery, Cartagena, Colombia

Transform your Body 

If you are thin, you need to add definition through a protein-rich diet with muscle sculpting exercises

if you are heavy, you may need a breast reduction so your breast better match your body. Liposuction is great for sculpting the arms and the upper torso.

If you are lean and toned, you may want to add lengthening and strengthening exercises like yoga and pilates into the workout routine.

If you are experiencing signs of aging or after weight loss, you may want to consider a procedure that help you with the slack skin.

Contour your Shape

Liposuction wont´t magically turn a heavy body into a long and lean body, but it can improve your shape. Removing fat allows the contours to become more pronounced, especially in the waistline, obliques and stomach.

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