Question of the Week – Surgical Quote at Premium Care

 Surgical Quote - Premium Care Plastic Surgery Colombia

  • What does the surgical fee quote include?

It includes everything related to surgery itself such as: surgeon and anesthesiologist fee, follow up visits and controls, pre-anesthesia evaluation, operating rooms and a complications insurance. It also includes pick up service to the airport and transportation to your hotel. We also have packages available including hotel as well


  • What does the surgical fee quote does not include?

It does not include garments, medications or presurgical lab exams because all are individualized and of relatively low cost.


  • What are payment methods and when should I do it? Do you accept credit cards?

For payment of the procedure we accept cash, all credit/debit cards, and bank transfers.

In order to book the surgery and confirm operating rooms we need a USD $500 deposit. The remaining balance must be all paid for before the day of the procedure.


For more information contact us at 305 848 1909 in USA or 312 545 5569 in Colombia, or visit us at



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