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mommy makeover

The joys of motherhood are boundless but the effects of pregnancy on your body can sometimes be drastic. During pregnancy, your body can change in ways you never expected. Some women are lucky, and bounce right back to their pre-pregnancy bodies; others struggle to get close to what they looked like before having children.

Pregnancy can affect our breasts, tummies, legs and more. After nine months—or more, if nursing—you are probably longing for your pre-baby body. Whether you choose a healthy regimen of diet and exercise, minimally invasive cosmetic treatments, cosmetic procedures or all of the above, you might also consider a Mommy Makeover to get back in shape.

Mommy Makeover addresses a woman’s post-pregnancy body issues in a single-session surgery that typically combines the following:

Tummy Tuck

Breast Enhancement – Lift, Augmentation

Fat Removal with Liposuction


Tummy Tuck

With all the stress we put on our midsections—during pregnancy or with weight gain and loss—as we age, the shape and size of our stomachs change. When diet and exercise don’t provide the results that you want, a tummy tuck  may be your best option.

A tummy tuck permanently restores firmness to the stomach and removes any loose skin. During the procedure, an incision is made at the pubic bone (your scar, once healed, will be concealed by bathing suits and underwear) through which your plastic surgeon will tighten up the muscles. Small pockets of fat can be removed with liposuction. Once the muscles are tightened, the excess skin is removed.

Depending on the extent of your particular post-pregnancy concerns, there are a variety of tummy tuck procedures that treat different degrees of muscle and skin laxity. Some procedures are performed with limited incisions and leave shorter scars.

Breast Enhancement

Maybe your breasts were a perfect size and shape before and during pregnancy, but after breast-feeding they are a sagging or have lost tissue.

Breast enhancement—such as augmenting with implants or a breast lift—can restore shape and size to your breasts, even making them bigger and fuller than they were before you got pregnant.

Breast lift

If you want a long-lasting solution to sagging breasts or loss of breast volume, you may want to consider a breast lift. If there is a loss of volume and sagging skin, then you probably need a lift and implant to recapture the shape.

To restore pre-pregnancy perkiness, a breast lift reduces the excess skin and remodels the breast tissue so it can assume a higher position. There are a variety of breast incision placement options, and some women can benefit from newer, more limited incision techniques that allow for smaller and perhaps fewer incisions for less scarring.

Breast implants

Most post-pregnancy patients just want to be the same breast size they were before or just a little bigger, and in the right woman, implants alone can restore fullness and add projection.” If you’re happy with the position of your breasts but you’d like them to be a little fuller, implants can help replace the breast tissue that diminishes after having a baby, and may even be able to eliminate the need for a breast lift as long as you have healthy, elastic skin and no excessive drooping.

Fat Removal with Liposuction

Liposuction alone can remove fat, but it cannot do anything to treat stretched muscles or extra skin. liposuction is often performed in conjunction with the Tummy Tuck to accentuate the waist and add definition to the abdomen. This is a crucial part of any Mommy Makeover. A nicely contoured waist blends into the flattened abdomen in a natural way, and a narrowed waist complements the proportions created by the breast procedure. Improvements in Liposuction include the ability to use smaller cannulas, thereby leading to smaller incisions and more precisely sculpted contours.


Mommy Makeover Special 

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Enjoy our liposuction Package in Cartagena, Colombia

Premium Care Plastic Surgery brings you an incredible Liposuction Package:

liposuction in Premium Care Plastic Surgery Cartagena, Colombia

3 areas Liposuction with Dr. Campbell or Dr. Restrepo
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Why to choose a liposuction Procedure at Premium Care 

Recent advances have dramatically improved liposuction, making it easier and faster, more precise, and with a quicker recovery time.

Our patients know that no matter how much they worked out, and how closely they watched what they ate, their love handles just wouldn’t go away, and even if they managed to lose weight, they still had bulges sticking over the back of the jeans. Hundreds of thousands of women and men approached doctors with similar stories of stubborn fat, and the most popular solution for this liporeduction? More and more chose liposuction every day.

As with all cosmetic procedures, the initial consultation is key for optimal outcomes, as it’s imperative for the doctor and patient to be on the same page. This is the patient’s opportunity to communicate his or her goals, and for our Premium Care Plastic Surgeons to explain how he or she can achieve them and answer all questions.

The basics about Liposuction in Cartagena, Colombia

By definition, liposuction involves the removal of unwanted fat with suction, taking it from specific areas where it persists. It is a technique for contouring, rather than weight reduction. “ Dr. Campbell says Liposuction absolutely improves the proportions, contours and symmetry of the body.”

Although there are different approaches and different types of equipment, most liposuction performed today is “tumescent,” which means the area to be treated is infused with a solution that contains a mix of medications. The solution helps control bleeding, minimizes pain during and after the procedure, and makes liposuction easier for the doctor to perform. A cannula (a thin hollow tube that’s inserted under the skin) is used to introduce the solution to the area as well as suction out the fat. The new smaller cannulas allow our surgeons to use smaller incisions to achieve their patients’ body sculpting goals, and those are essentially undetectable once healed.

Dr. Restrepo explains that the ideal patient for liposuction has isolated, defined pockets of fat with a fairly minimal amount of fat in the surrounding areas, and is not a weight-loss procedure that can be extremely dangerous and lead to problems with irregular contours and loose skin later on.

The results 

The old myth that liposuction was an aggressive procedure is no longer true. Today, liposuction delivers dramatic results with nearly invisible scars, an easier recovery and minimal downtime. If you are thinking about having a liposuction, contact us at or give us a call at +1 305  848 1909 or +57 312  545  55 69.

Do You Want a Curvy Body?

What makes a body look curvy and voluptuos is having the right amount of shape in all the right places. The waistline is always a big area of focus. To streamline and trim it down, cardio is essential since it will help whittle away any extra fat. You will also want to work on the butt a lot – building muscle will help to give a more defined, curvier look.

If you want to add curves, you still need to be careful of what you eat because you don´t want to add o too much fat. Stick to foods that are high in protein that helps build muscle.

body sculpting at Premium Care Plastic Surgery, Cartagena, Colombia

The Solution 

If you are thin, you need to add definition with a protein-rich diet with muscle sculpting work out.

If you are heavy, you will need to lose the right amount of weight so you retain your curves. Large breast can make the body look heavy, so a breast reduction and liposuction can be done to create better proportions.

If you are experiencing signs of aging, and you have excess skin a procedure like a tummy tuck, body lift or even a breast lift  can help

If you are lean and toned, try to practice workouts that build shape. Augmentation procedures are another way to accomplish this.

The Procedure 

Create a waist: Curves are created by building up or reducing a feature. Liposuction streamlines the lower body and helps to create a good breast-waist -butt ratio. Focusing in the overall shape is how a curvy figure is achieved. To decrease the fat in the lower body sometimes the only solution is liposuction that streamlines the waist by removing the fat.

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Recupere su Figura después del Embarazo

Premium Care Plastic Surgery Cartagena Colombia mommy Makeover

El embarazo puede ser una experiencia muy bonita. Pero los efectos que puede dejar en su cuerpo (estrías, flacidez de la piel, entre otros) no dejan exactamente una sensación muy agradable. Usted puede tener su CUERPO-PRE-BEBÉ  de nuevo en poco tiempo o aún mejor una versión mejorada.


Al igual que se forman las estrías, la piel floja se produce principalmente en el estómago, debido a un estiramiento de la piel que no se retrae debido al daño en las fibras de colágeno y elastina.

¿Cómo prevenirlo? Mantener la piel hidratada y tonificada puede reducir la piel floja

¿Cómo arreglarlo? La cantidad de piel floja y el exceso de grasa determina cuál es el mejor tratamiento. La radiofrecuencia puede ayudar a tensar la piel floja un poco, pero no es lo mismo que lo que se consigue con una abdominoplastia si usted tiene la piel suelta y exceso de piel con laxitud de la pared abdominal.


El tamaño y forma de los senos pueden cambiar drásticamente tras el embarazo y la lactancia materna en forma y posición, debido al aumento y luego disminución en el tamaño

¿Cómo prevenirlo? Use un buen sostén de apoyo durante el embarazo

Cómo corregirlo? Algunas mujeres necesitan un levantamiento de senos y otras la combinación de levantamiento de senos con implantes de seno para dar volumen adicional

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