Face and Neck Rejuvenation in Cartagena, Colombia

Skin of the face and neck and underlying muscles lose elasticity and tone with time. This is magnified through sun exposure, weight gain or loss, gravity and stress. These factors may act together and accentuate the appearance of wrinkles, creating a tired and old look.

A facelift-necklift helps improve the visible signs of aging through removal and redistributing excess fatty deposits, tightening underlying muscles and removing sagging skin.

Procedure choice and type of facelift depends on your needs and must be discussed with your surgeon. Surgeons have recognized the three dimensional nature of the facial structures and often complemented this procedure with others to restore volume and address cosmetic issues throughout the facial-neck structures.

Often other facial procedures are performed at the same time including forehead lift, eyelid lift (blepharoplasty), chin and cheek implants, nose reshaping (rhinoplasty), liposculpture, lipotransfer, chemical peel and laser resurfacing.

face and neck rejuvenation at Premium care PLastic surgery cartagena, colombia

Who can be a candidate?

  • Men and women with saggy skin in the face and neck
  • Men and women with jowl formation (the lower cheeks and jaw line are saggy).
  • Men and women with a poorly defined jaw line.
  • Men and women with wrinkled saggy and fatty neck.


  • Facelifts are usually performed in an outpatient surgical facility or in the hospital.
  • They may be performed under local anesthesia with or without oral sedation, conscious sedation, and general anesthesia.
  • The surgeon usually makes incisions in front and behind the ear.
  • Sutures and/or staples are used for closure followed by placement of a dressing around the face and neck.


  • Less tired look with more youthful appearance
  • A sharper and better defined jaw line.
  • Improved neck and chin angle.
  • This does not treat the fine lines around the mouth and will not improve skin surface defects and discoloration.


  • A compression garment may be worn around the lower face and neck for approximately one week.
  • Bruising and swelling are normal and may take several weeks to resolve.
  • Stiffness in the neck and some soreness with swallowing and eating is common.
  • Sutures and staples are removed within one to two weeks.
  • Drains, if used are usually removed 1-3 days after the procedure.
  • Make-up can be applied over the skin immediately but not over the incisions for 2-3 weeks.

Other treatments for face and neck rejuvenation 

  • Chemical peels, laser resurfacing and microdermabrasion
  • Botox and fillers
  • Lipotransfer and implant insertion
  • Eyelid and forehead rejuvenation
  • Rhinoplasty

The specific risks and the suitability of this procedure for a given individual can be determined only at the time of consultation with your plastic surgeon at Premium Care Plastic Surgery. Minor complications that do not affect the outcome may occur. Major complications are rare.

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Enjoy our liposuction Package in Cartagena, Colombia

Premium Care Plastic Surgery brings you an incredible Liposuction Package:

liposuction in Premium Care Plastic Surgery Cartagena, Colombia

3 areas Liposuction with Dr. Campbell or Dr. Restrepo
7 nights at 4 stars hotel  
Round trip Flight from Miami, New York, Toronto*

Why to choose a liposuction Procedure at Premium Care 

Recent advances have dramatically improved liposuction, making it easier and faster, more precise, and with a quicker recovery time.

Our patients know that no matter how much they worked out, and how closely they watched what they ate, their love handles just wouldn’t go away, and even if they managed to lose weight, they still had bulges sticking over the back of the jeans. Hundreds of thousands of women and men approached doctors with similar stories of stubborn fat, and the most popular solution for this liporeduction? More and more chose liposuction every day.

As with all cosmetic procedures, the initial consultation is key for optimal outcomes, as it’s imperative for the doctor and patient to be on the same page. This is the patient’s opportunity to communicate his or her goals, and for our Premium Care Plastic Surgeons to explain how he or she can achieve them and answer all questions.

The basics about Liposuction in Cartagena, Colombia

By definition, liposuction involves the removal of unwanted fat with suction, taking it from specific areas where it persists. It is a technique for contouring, rather than weight reduction. “ Dr. Campbell says Liposuction absolutely improves the proportions, contours and symmetry of the body.”

Although there are different approaches and different types of equipment, most liposuction performed today is “tumescent,” which means the area to be treated is infused with a solution that contains a mix of medications. The solution helps control bleeding, minimizes pain during and after the procedure, and makes liposuction easier for the doctor to perform. A cannula (a thin hollow tube that’s inserted under the skin) is used to introduce the solution to the area as well as suction out the fat. The new smaller cannulas allow our surgeons to use smaller incisions to achieve their patients’ body sculpting goals, and those are essentially undetectable once healed.

Dr. Restrepo explains that the ideal patient for liposuction has isolated, defined pockets of fat with a fairly minimal amount of fat in the surrounding areas, and is not a weight-loss procedure that can be extremely dangerous and lead to problems with irregular contours and loose skin later on.

The results 

The old myth that liposuction was an aggressive procedure is no longer true. Today, liposuction delivers dramatic results with nearly invisible scars, an easier recovery and minimal downtime. If you are thinking about having a liposuction, contact us at info@premiumcareps.com or give us a call at +1 305  848 1909 or +57 312  545  55 69.

Protect your Skin

When it comes to sun exposure and sun protection, there are a lot of questions to answer. How much sun-basking is too much? Are there benefits to not wearing sunscreen sometimes? What kind of protection does sunscreen provide? How do I choose the safest and most effective brand? And what ingredients should I avoid?

Skin Care in Premium Care Plastic Surgery, Cartagena, Colombia

What are the pros and cons of sun exposure? 

Pro: Vitamin D

Vitamin D is an essential hormone for healthy bones, immune function and blood cell formation. Luckily, your body produces vitamin D every time you step into the sunlight. Easy, right? Just keep in mind that you don’t need much unprotected sun exposure to meet your needs. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 5-15 minutes of unprotected sun exposure a few times a week is all that’s required to maintain healthy vitamin D levels.

Cons: Skin Damage & Skin Cancer

Ultraviolet A (UVA) and ultraviolet B (UVB) are the two types of sun rays that travel through the earth’s atmosphere and shine directly on your  skin. We just learned that a little unprotected fun in the sun is good for you, but what about longer stretches of time? UVA and UVB rays are responsible for the golden tan so many people try to attain each year. You might think that this sun-kissed tone is healthy. Think again. When your skin darkens, it’s actually a warning sign that your body is trying to prevent further DNA damage. This is just one example of the ways UVA and UVB impact your health.

UVA rays penetrate beneath the top layer of your skin. They’re mostly to blame for wrinkles, leathery skin, sagging and sun spots. These can bust through clouds on a gloomy day, seep through your car windows, and they can even sneak through some clothing. Although UVA rays are less likely to give you a sunburn, they’re still linked to increasing your risk of skin cancer because they can damage your basal and squamous skin cells.

UVB rays impact the top layer of your skin. They’re the main contributor to skin cancer and your worst enemy when it comes to sunburns. UVB rays are strongest between 10am and 4pm, especially during the summer months. Clearly UVA and UVB rays are nothing to take lightly.

How well does sunscreen protect your skin?

If you’re relying on the sunscreen to protect you from all the risks of sun exposure, you’re not seeing the big picture. Sun protection is two-fold. Safe sunscreen plus safe sun habits.  It’s still very important, but slathering some on once a day doesn’t give you a free pass.

What do the letters and numbers mean on sunscreen bottles? 

Sun Protection Factor (SPF)

SPF only protects you from sunburn (UVB rays). When you see the SPF number on a bottle, think of it as a measure of time.  If your skin would typically burn after 10 minutes in the sun, a sunscreen with SPF 15 should allow you to stay in the sun 15 times longer (150 minutes) before your skin would start to burn. But that number doesn’t take your activities into account. Sweating, swimming and other physical exercise can lower the effectiveness of your sunscreen’s SPF, which means you may need to apply it more often.

UVA & UVB Protection

Your sunscreen may be protecting you from sunburn by blocking UVB rays (if you’re re-applying it often enough and using a sufficient amount), but you’re still vulnerable to skin damage if you’re not protected from UVA rays as well.

 How to select a safer sunscreen

When choosing any personal care product, be your own health advocate. There are chemicals in the products on your drugstore’s shelves that have been linked with cancer, birth defects and a variety of other health issues. Sunscreen is not exempt.

Here are a few red flags to look out for when scanning sunscreen labels:

• Vitamin A (retinyl palmitate or “retinol”): Linked to increased cancer cell growth.

• Oxybenzone: Hormone disrupter—experts caution against using it on children.

• Powder or spray mineral-based sunscreens (usually on ingredient label as zinc oxide and titanium dioxide): These ingredients are typically safe in lotion form, but can cause internal damage if inhaled.

Hidratación de Manos y Pies

Cuidado de Manos en Premium Care Cirugía plástica en Cartagena, Colombia

Las manos y los pies son partes del cuerpo a las cuales muchas veces no damos la suficiente importancia.

De los pies solemos acordarnos cuando nos duelen, cuando los vemos muy secos o solamente cuando los enseñamos en épocas de calor. De las manos intentamos cuidar nuestras uñas, pero por lo general nunca les damos tantos cuidados como al resto del cuerpo.

Las manos son la carta de presentación de cualquier persona. La cara se maquilla, el pelo se moldea, pero las manos son el testigo directo, no solo de la edad, sino del tipo de vida que una hace. 

Las manos no pueden ser disimuladas en un momento, sino son bien tratadas permanentemente siempre nos dejarán en evidencia; pueden mostrar un aspecto cansado, envejecido, desalineado si no se las protege del uso y desgaste diario.

Los pies  tienden mucho a resecarse por el constante peso que llevan y por el roce con nuestros zapatos. Por supuesto, siempre es importante que procuremos tenerlos suaves e hidratados, un factor muy importante para tener en cuenta que cuando estamos en la intimidad con nuestra pareja y los pies comienzan a hacer contacto con su cuerpo, ¡y que incomodo sería tenerlos duros y hasta rasposos!.


La parafina tiene el aspecto de cera suave y se utiliza para formar una película protectora e hidratante sobre las manos y pies, Debido precisamente a sus propiedades hidratantes, la parafina está muy indicada para pieles secas, que presentan problemas de hidratación, falta de elasticidad y grietas o escamas.

Para probar este tratamiento tenemos que acudir a un profesional en estetica que va a introducir tus manos varias veces, en un recipiente con parafina caliente. Así se irá pegando una capa de parafina sobre la mano. Luego se envuelve con guantes térmicos y sólo tienes que esperar unos minutos mientras hace su efecto.

Cuando te quitan los guantes y la parafina podrás ver cómo tus manos quedaron suaves, y las uñas brillantes. Esta sensación de hidratación y suavidad se mantiene hasta por tres días. Es un tratamiento ideal para quienes tengan las manos secas o pies ásperos.

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Deep Facial Cleansing at Premium Care, Cartagena

Facial skin is constantly exposed to environmental dirt, pollutants and makeup residue, which is why you often see blackheads and pimples.  Without proper facial cleansing this problem tends to get worse and become very noticeable.
facial at premium care plastic surgery cartagena colombia
Deep facial cleansing is essential to have great skin, free of blemishes, much more youthful, bright and smooth. This procedure is performed by our skilled professional, to avoid problems later by a bad procedure, because the face is very delicate and requires the correct application of products according to skin type and needs, as well as equipment required and good use to obtain the expected results, a face clean, bright and hydrated.

Recommendations for after a Deep Cleansing Facial:

  • Where possible leave the skin free of makeup that day.
  • Do not sunbathe because the pores are open and the skin is sensitive and delicate.
  • Continue the habit of using sun block daily before makeup.
  • Maintain daily skin care with special products for every skin type.

With this procedure once a month at Premium Care Plastic Surgery, you will enjoy a face that is more clean, moisturized and shiny.

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Take Down the Puffiness

You may think that a lack of sleep and the stresses of life are the reasons for puffy-looking eyes, but it really comes from changes in the underlying structure and genetic tendencies



Under-eye puffiness and bags may be genetic or can be caused by loss or redistribution of fat. With time the fat pads under the eyes can start to protrude, secondary to a change in the overlying tissue support in front of the fat, that starts to come through as bags, which make the under-eyes puffy.

The Solution

In some patients, a little bit of Hyaluronic acid filler injected bellow the puffy areas helps to improve the area by adding volume. The result last 8 to 12 months

If the herniation of fat is the issue, the fat can be  removed or redraped with Blefaroplasty to permanently get rid of the problem and always look well rested and rejuvenated


Hollows, which are deep grooves under the eye where the orbital rim and cheek area meet, may start to appear as well. With the time the bone and the position of the fat in the malar area start to change making the hollows more prominent.

The Solution

The tear trough area can be injected with Juvederm or Fat to rebuild the orbital rim, prevent shadowing and plump up the area. Fat is more permanent and Fillers can last for 12 months

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