Take Down the Puffiness

You may think that a lack of sleep and the stresses of life are the reasons for puffy-looking eyes, but it really comes from changes in the underlying structure and genetic tendencies



Under-eye puffiness and bags may be genetic or can be caused by loss or redistribution of fat. With time the fat pads under the eyes can start to protrude, secondary to a change in the overlying tissue support in front of the fat, that starts to come through as bags, which make the under-eyes puffy.

The Solution

In some patients, a little bit of Hyaluronic acid filler injected bellow the puffy areas helps to improve the area by adding volume. The result last 8 to 12 months

If the herniation of fat is the issue, the fat can be  removed or redraped with Blefaroplasty to permanently get rid of the problem and always look well rested and rejuvenated


Hollows, which are deep grooves under the eye where the orbital rim and cheek area meet, may start to appear as well. With the time the bone and the position of the fat in the malar area start to change making the hollows more prominent.

The Solution

The tear trough area can be injected with Juvederm or Fat to rebuild the orbital rim, prevent shadowing and plump up the area. Fat is more permanent and Fillers can last for 12 months

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Do you want a Dancer´s Body?

Long, lean and toned in all the right places, the dancer´s body is low in fat yet maintains the perfect amount of muscle definition because the small muscle groups are targeted.

A strong toned body is part of the dancer´s look and certain exercises need to be incorporated into your workout to build strength and long, lean muscle. Toning exercises that are designed to target specific body parts are the starting point. Yoga and pilates are two ways to really build up the core so you get the right amount of definition in the stomach.

Liposuction at Premium Care Plastic Surgery, Cartagena, Colombia

Transform your Body 

If you are thin, you need to add definition through a protein-rich diet with muscle sculpting exercises

if you are heavy, you may need a breast reduction so your breast better match your body. Liposuction is great for sculpting the arms and the upper torso.

If you are lean and toned, you may want to add lengthening and strengthening exercises like yoga and pilates into the workout routine.

If you are experiencing signs of aging or after weight loss, you may want to consider a procedure that help you with the slack skin.

Contour your Shape

Liposuction wont´t magically turn a heavy body into a long and lean body, but it can improve your shape. Removing fat allows the contours to become more pronounced, especially in the waistline, obliques and stomach.

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Meet Dr. Carolina Restrepo

Plasic Surgeon - Dr. Carolina Restrepo at Premium Care Cirugía Plástica, Cartagena, Colombia

What is your Philosophy?

I use my training and experience to approach each patient and their desires in a realistic, honest way. I customize a treatment plan and explain every detail in terms that the patient can understand. I want them to feel confident and trust that I can give them the best treatment and care possible.

What do you like most about your job?

Knowing that I´m improving someone´s life. I like that every single case is different and that the patient is able to feel gratification by looking in to the mirror and seeing what we have created.

What sets your practice apart?

We are proud to offer patients a complete, beautiful experience. From skin care to transformative surgery, we provide a high quality of care in a seamless environment, with a leading medical staff.

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Fight Fine Lines

The earlier you start protecting the skin around the eyes, the less laxity you will experience later on in life.

Fine lines and Crow´s feet 

While a large percentage of women in their 20s and early 30s won´t see the visible effects of aging around the eyes, damage is occurring  and may surface later. Free radicals are the worst offender, breaking down the integrity of the skin and causing a loss of collagen and elastin, which is why using a cream or serum with antioxidants is beneficial. If you don´t protect the skin around the eyes, there can be increased laxity, discoloration and pigmentation later on.


Fix it with Botox

Botox is the best for treating crow´s feet as it weakens the muscles that cause lines. Once the muscles are immobilized, it´s hard for lines to become etched into the skin

Fix it with Surgery

Excess of skin, under-eye bags and dark circles may necessitate surgical intervention, but it should be limited only to patients who really require the procedure.

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Meet Dr. Alex Campbell

Plastic Surgeon - Dr. Alex Campbell at Premium Care Plastic Surgery, Cartagena, Colombia

What is your practice like?

It’s friendly and inviting. Patients are often dealing with intimate issues regarding self-esteem. Because of the sensitivity required when dealing with these issues, our enviroment is relaxed and comfortable to allow for open communication.

What is a consultation with you like?

I get to know my patients and go over the reasonable options in detail. Before any procedure I go over additional details and begin preparation by taking before photos and getting consent forms.

What is your approach to Aesthetics?

People want to look like a younger version of themselves. Our goal is to rejuvenate them, not to make them look like a different person.

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Mejora tu Cuerpo y Transforma tu Silueta

Puedes no haber nacido con el cuerpo de tus sueños, pero eso no significa que no puedas tenerlo. Una dieta adecuada, rutina de ejercicios y la ayuda de tu cirujano plástico de Premium Care, te pondrá en camino para lograr un cuerpo ideal. Hoy la Cirugía Plástica va más allá de hacer más grandes los senos  o hacer una cintura más pequeña,  implica la creación de una forma totalmente nueva de la cabeza a los pies, enfocándose en mejorar lo que ya tienes

En Premium Care Plastic Surgery, a menudo combinamos diferentes técnicas para conseguir esas proporciones ideales. Nuestra experiencia con múltiples procedimientos nos permite trabajar con la variedad de formas del cuerpo y tus deseos.

premium care cirugía plástica colombia

Detrás del Cuerpo Perfecto

Un cuerpo bien proporcionado crea una apariencia de perfección, independientemente de su tamaño. Cuando tu cuerpo tiene en una proporción adecuada se ve mejor porque los cuerpos equilibrados son siempre más atractivos.

Expectativas Realistas

La cirugía plástica puede cambiar drásticamente tu cuerpo, pero hay que ser realista acerca de lo que más se ajusta a tus necesidades,  lo más adecuado, y lo que tu  cirujano puede o no mejorar.  Los resultados dependen de la edad, la forma del cuerpo y si alguna vez has estado embarazada o no.

Trabaja en tus Músculos

Definición muscular, la piedra angular de un cuerpo de aspecto saludable, sólo se crea a través del ejercicio.  Si bien la cirugía puede ayudar con los músculos abdominales  que pueden estar  separados y estirados por el embarazo, no existe un procedimiento que pueda delinear los músculos con una apariencia  natural

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Change Your Body and Transform Your Shape

You may not have been born with the body of your dreams but that doesn´t mean you can´t have it. The right diet, workout routine and help from your Premium Care plastic surgeon will put you on your way to your ideal body. Plastic Surgery today goes beyond just going bigger in the chest or taking down your waistline, it involves creating a whole new shape, from head to toe, that works to improve on what you already  have.

At Premium Care Plastic Surgery, we often combine different techniques to get those ideal proportions. Our experience with multiple procedures allows us to work with the variety of body shapes and desires.


Behind the Perfect Body 

A well proportioned body creates an appearance of perfection, regardless of your size. When your body falls in a proper ratio it looks better because well balanced bodies are always more attractive.

Realistic Expectations 

Plastic Surgery can dramatically change your body but you need to be realistic about what you are best suited for and what your surgeon can and cannot fix. Results are dependent on age, body shape and if you have ever been pregnant or not.

Build your Muscles

Muscle definition, the cornerstone of a healthy looking body, is only created through the right workouts. While surgery can help fix muscles in the stomach that may have become separated and stretched during pregnancy, there is no procedure that can give reliable, natural appearing delineation to the muscles.

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